Traditional food of Gilgit-Baltistan

Traditional food of Gilgit Baltistan Hunza
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The traditional food of Gilgit-Baltistan is a different and unique phenomenon
itself in its nature. These cuisines have a variety and distinct in
their taste. The popular traditional recipes of Northern areas are Chapshoro,
Dawdoo, Mamtu, Harissa, Molida, Garma, Harissa,
Diram, Mull, Gooli, Chamus, Suppra,Molida, Sharbat KhamulootBerikutz, Mull.

it is delicious food of Northen Area it is the traditional dish of Gilgit, the ingredients are Beef or Mutton or chicken, Onion, Plain Flour Red and Green Chilli,
Salt, Black Pepper, Water, Tomato, and dasi Cooking oil.

Chapshuro: The pizza if GILGIT BALTISTAN

It is a dish which the people make during Nasalo and preserve it to consume later in icy-cold days of winter. The ingredients consist of intestines of cow or sheep or goat for filling, wheat flour, salt, crushed red Chili, Mint powder, water, Onion, and traditional cooking Oil.

Wild Thyme Tea(Tumoro Chai)
it is collected from the high mountains, surrounding areas. These herbs have some really important medicinal properties which give relief from calm the nerves, headaches, and soothe the sore throats.
The local people prepare it with the Tumuro (dry wild Thyme), by adding the Thyme into a fixed quantity of water and boil it for a few minutes, to extract the flavor from the leaves.

Tumoro chai "Wild Thyme Tea"
Tumoro Chai(Wild Thyme Tea)

Balingi Chai
it is prepared by boil walnuts shells and black tea in the water and then boil the tea for a few minutes, which will extract the flavor from the walnut shells
and black tea. lastly, strain it before serving and add milk to the desired amount.

Meat dumpling is also called Mamtu in locally here in northern areas Mamtu is a steam-dish, of mincemeat of beef. it is prepared by mixing the meat and onion, garlic and chili.
after that put it on steam for several hours. It is an aromatic delicacy and delicious food of the Gilgit Baltistan.

Mamtu /meat dumpling
MAMTU/Meat dumpling

Harisa is the most popular food of Gilgit Baltistan, it is prepared with meat, wheat, and takes several hours of continuing to cook. It is aromatic and full of taste.
and Harisa is made on special events and occasions like festivals and weddings.

Harisa the traditional food of gilgit

it is prepared by a combination of wheat and butter, it is occasionally prepared on special events like weddings and festivals and its most energetic food of Gilgit Baltistan.

Sharbat traditional food gilgit
Sharbat traditional food gilgit

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Naltar Valley Gilgit Baltistan

naltar vally view ski pint
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Paradise on Earth The Lake Naltar Valley

How to reach naltar valley

If you are willing to visit Naltar valley Gilgit Baltistan, today I will be going to tell you about the Naltar valley of Gilgit Baltistan. As the journey starts from Gilgit main city and it takes almost 40 to 45
minute to reach NOMAL village(a place name ) where you have to find 4 wheel jeep, as because the road is risky and difficult to drive, for one day the 4 by 4 jeep will almost cost 6 thousand to accommodate 5 to 6 people.

phot by Atif kazmi
Naltar valley 4-4 jeep

Towards SKI Point NALTAR Valley

people.when this village(Nomal village) finishes the barren and dry mountains
welcome you initially, as you go forward the road becomes narrow and quite dangerous, from one side there are sharp rocks and on the other sides of the road, there is a noisy river attract the adventure people toward itself.
after 50 minutes of traveling the lush green mountains begin and the view is fascinating as you enter the valley the weather begins to feel cold and when anyone reaches Naltar valley you look around and you would Say “Awsome” and the fascinating lush greenery refreshes your mood. hereafter 1 hour of traveling from Nomal valley.

chair liaft Naltar valley
chair liaft Naltar valley

you will reach the ski point: ski point is a spot in Naltar valley where in winter the Pak Fauj arranges sky competition and similarly there is also a chair lift system which you will use for seeing the view from more height and enjoy the scenery and the chair lift is free of cost and manage by Pak Fauj, here you will find camping areas and some small hotels and offer good hospitality, quality, and hygienic food.

ski point Naltar Valley

so the next destination will be “SAT RANGI LAKE”(seven color lake)

SAT RANGI LAKE “seven color lake” lake Naltar,Gilgit Baltistan

This lake start from Naltar valley and it takes 2.5 hours to reach seven color lake, this track is different from Naltar valley and the road has no any signs we say no proper map and it is totally off-road, this road has baren tress and unpleasant road on the other hands it also has, some pleasant planes, natural springs, waterfalls, and a noisy flowing river and you will cam to see the snow-capped mountain. , when sunshine on lake water, the seven colors are visible. here you will find the camping site and small hotels.

Seven Color Lake Naltar Valley

Pari Lake and Blue Lake at Lake Naltar

These two lakes area near the seven color lake and lush blue lake and the scenery is unforgettable and mind refreshing because of the color of the water, the lush greenery
surrounded by big and small trees, the flowing river and cold and clean water make the place like paradise on earth so which is why this place is called Paradise on Earth
I would recommend you should once visit this place in your life.

Naltar valley blue lake
Naltar valley blue lake
naltar vally view ski pint
NALTAR Valley Gilgit Baltistan

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Yasin Valley Gilgit Baltistan

Yasin Valley gilit baltistan
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The Beautiful Yasin Valley

Yasin Valley Gilgit Baltistan is the most beautiful and peaceful area of Gilgit-Baltistan. which is Situated in the Ghizar district and Tehsil of Yasin. Yasin is a scenic adventure place with mighty mountains, natural springs, rivers, wandering fields, water falling, glaciers, and snow-capped mountainous areas.

Distance from Gilgit to yasin valley

it comprising several large and small villages and Yasin valley is 127.7 Km Distance from Gilgit’s main takes almost 4 to 5 hours to reach Yasin from Gilgit’s main city.

Trackinag and Campimg Areas in yasin valley

you might be interested in the trekking routes, Jeep safaris, Day excursions, and camping are other options, Think about camping near crystal-clear streams and listen to the music of nature. For trekking, you can explore the Makulai Nala, Gamash Nala- Barkolty trek, Asümbar Trek, Darhkut trek,silpi bar track.

Best Time to Visit Yasin Valley?

The best time to visit Yasin valley Gilgit Baltistan is between May and September because the weather in Yasin valley is perfect to soothe your mood. the lush green natural beauty gives you a comfortable environment and minimizes your stress level.

yasin valley gb
Yasin valley Gilgit Baltistan
yasin ja batahan dua yasin valley
Yasin valley Gilgit Baltistan

The people of Yasin valley are hospitable you can easily communicate with people ask for help they will happy to serve you. and if you are If are interested in community participation and responsible person, you may interact with local people and see what contribution you can make for them for the betterment of people of Yasin valley.

people of Yasin valley Gilgit Baltistan
people of Yasin valley Gilgit Baltistan

Historical importance of Yasin valley!

Gohar Aman, a famous warrior, was born here in Yasin valley. who stood like an iron wall against aggression, while invading and occupying neighboring small states and freedom. Yasin is also the home town of  Havaldar Lalak Jan Shaheed  (Nishan-e-Haider), the highest military honor of Pakistan, beside these Yasin Valley has the produced thousands of soldiers who have been sacrificing their lives for the glory of the nation.

Hotels in yasin valley

Here you may find plenty of hotels and Inns in especially in Thawoos and Hundur where you can stay and enjoy the natural beauty of Yasin valley Gilgit Baltistan. some of the names of hotels and inn are:

  • Yasin rest house
  • Fort Hotel Yasin
  • Yasin View Hotel and Restaurant
  • Hundur inn
Yasin fort Hotel Yasin valley
Yasin fort Hotel Yasin valley
yasin fort hotel
Yasin fort hotel

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Islamabad to Hunza and the beauty of Hunza Gilgit

Attabad lakegojal hunza valley gilgit
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How to get to Gilgit Baltistan

The northern areas of Pakistan especially Gilgit Baltistan is the greatest spot for travel in Pakistan, especially the Hunza valley avails extraordinary vistas: landscapes clifftop, lakes, glaciers, historical places, the ancient tribal town of Hunza, boating, architecture, and many more. If you are planning to visit Northern areas mainly the Hunza valley. you may reach northern areas by 2 possible ways, a)by road, and b)by air(Plane).

in this article, I will guide you on how will easily reach Gilgit by road.there are several travel agencies, groups that provide transportation to Gilgit valley like NATCO(a gov owned compony), Mashabrum bus service, Faisal Movers. if you were willing to travel with these, it is recommended to book your seat one or two days before. as the journey starts towards Gilgit through KKH(Karakoram Highway)

KKH hunza

, there first 4-5 hours will be through the Hazara Express motorway.on the second day, we will reach Bisham and then Jaglot.
Jaglot is a unique point where 3 great mountain ranges of the world make a meet. Hindu Kush, Karakoram, and Himalayas

Hindu Kush, Karakoram, and Himalayaas
Hindu Kush, Karakoram, and Himalayaas

Besides these Nanga Parbat, Trich Mir, and K-2, meet here and at almost on the same place River Indus joins with river Gilgit. and then starts the main Gilgit city which is also the capital of Gilgit valley, I recommend you stay one day at Gilgit and release your tiredness here and visit. Gilgit city there are several places that may visit Gilgit like the famous NLI market, the Budha, the stupa, Kargah Buddha is an archaeological site located about 6 miles outside of Gilgit, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. It is a carved image of a large standing Buddha in the cliff-face in Karghah Nala Gilgit.

Kargah Buddha . Karghah Nala.
Kargah Buddha . Karghah Nala.

next day will be on the way to Hunza valley, which is half an hour at distance from Gilgit main city, on the way to Hunza you may come across the Rakaposhi View Point, the mountain capped with snow throughout the year. The snow shining with sunlight is probably the breathtaking view.fresh, clean and cold water falling from the glacier makes it even better.

Rakaposhi and Hunza Valley
Rakaposhi and Hunza Valley

further, you will reach Karimabad where Baltit Fort is situated, Strategically Baltit Fort is located with an eye viewpoint of the Hunza Valley is about 800 years old. similarly, the second fort is Altit Fort.
The fort has a royal garden, lush green grass fields, and an apricot orchard. It is 1100 years was the royal residence for Mirs of Hunza at that time.

Baltit Fort Hunza
Baltit Fort Hunza

Eagles Nest is about 10000 feet above sea level and pinpoint on Duikar viewpoint in Hunza, reachable by jeep from Hunza it is a small hotel at
eye view where tourists visit in early in the morning for sunrise or in the evenings for sunset, it has splendid views of Rakaposhi, Golden peak & other snow-capped mountains.

View From Eagle Nest hunza valley
View From Eagle Nest hunza valley

The main bazaar of Hunza valley is full of colorful shops locals vend souvenirs, handicraft clothes, and Hunza cap (men’s hat), it is made of wool and available in any of
a variety of earthy colors like grey, black, brown, local dry fruits are also available(Apricot Nut, Dried Apricots, Walnuts Mulberry, Almonds). Attabad Lake, a teardrop Mistry, is one of the wonders of nature present in the Gojal valley(Gulmit) of Hunza, true colors of cherry blossom season can be noticed. Passu Glacier Passu Peak is the position on the backside of the glacier.

Hussaini bridge
The Hussaini bridge, over the Hunza River, links Zarabad hamlet to Hussaini village. the space between Hunza’s main Bazar to Hussani is 45 km.

Hussaini Suspension Bridge.The Wonder of Pakistan.The 3rd Dangerous Bridge. Constructed By The People Of Hussaini in 1968. Renovated in 1983 and then 2013

Length 625f / 193mHight 139f / 43m.

Hussani suspension bridge hunza
Hussani suspension bridge hunza
suspension bridge passu
suspension bridge passu
I am happy to answer if you need any further information.


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Tourist Places in Gilgit Baltistan and Hunza

gilgilgit hunza adventure places
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After the COVID-19 pandemic probably you are thinking to tour the world so one of the famous places to visit in Gilgit. Gilgit Baltistan is the best spot for tourism in Pakistan, it is rich in god gifted natural beauty, the snow-capped mountains (Rakaposhi), the fascinating greenery, and various other things like there are many spots for camping and trekking, hiking further the hospitality of the people of awesome, moreover, the historical places (altit fort, baltit fort in Hunza) the fresh fruits and traditional food make the Gilgit like paradise on Earth. Gilgit Baltistan also has a family-friendly environment, no security threats the wonderful KKH also enable us for safe and comfortable traveling within the Gilgit area. Gilgit Baltistan is the most renowned and amazing place to visit in Pakistan, no matter what the season is it is the most eye-catching region of Pakistan in terms of beautiful scenery and mountain ranges.there are many places to visit breathtaking views. Gilgit is like paradise including the rich cultural heritage of a variety of things to do.

gilgit baltistan and hunza valley
gilgit baltistan and hunza valley

10 amazing places to visit in Gilgit Baltistan.

1. Rakaposhi Hunza

it is a mountainous area in the Karakorum mountain range in Pakistan. it located is approx 100 KM from the north of the city of Gilgit Baltistan. Rakaposhi’s name means snow-covered in the local language. it is much easier to reach Rakaposhi by road and highways.

2. Shandur top

located in the north of Pakistan it is sometimes called the roof of the world, annual polo festival organized by the ministry of tourism Gilgit Baltistan and tourism cooperation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the matches are played between Chitral district and Gilgit district.

Shandur top
Shandur top

3. fairy meadows

fairy meadows is grassland located near nangaparbat the killer mountain near district diamer and altitude is 3300 meters above sea level. it is declared a national park in 1995 by the Pakistan government. Anyone may find bet hospitality here.

fairy meadows
fairy meadows

4.phunder valley

it is 59.6 km from gupis valley, a twisting road and flowing river and stream lead to this charming valley the vary first plains will eliminate the fatigue of the journey and will re-energize you with charming views Surrounded by lush greens and blue water streams weather is pleasant, visit in June and July, similarly phunder valley is famous for natural attraction, the amazing color of water and mind-blowing sceneries is enough to refresh your life, the water of the valley is flowing side of the road and bolded by the charismatic look. it provides the best views and a great spot for photography and provides magnificent views.

phunder valley
phunder valley


it is a national park and located in Skardu, is well know for flora and fauna, it is surrounded by a plateau.


6.Darkut valley

Darkut is located in a remote Village of yasin  District Ghizer and is a gateway to incredible  Karambar Lake. Ghamubar Zom Peak (6,520 meters) the highest peak of Ghizer Valley is also located in Darkut.

darkut valley
darkut valley yasin gilgit


There are TWO ways by which you travel to gilgit. flight road

flight to Islamabad from Gilgit Baltistan, ticket cost almost 14000 rupees and you will reach with few hours and by road at taking almost 18 hours to reach Gilgit, and costs almost 3000 rupees for a ticket. and it is recommended to reserve seats one to 2 days before departure.

Hotel in gilgit Pakistan:

There are many hotels for tourists in Gilgit Baltistan with plenty of facilities like clean water, separate family rooms, dining hall, lush greenery gardens, and many more.

a.serena hotel


c.rupal inn

d.madiana hotel

e.park hotel and restaurent

f.PTDC motel

if you need further information kindly contact

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